For Newly Weds: How To Prevent Financial Constraint

Money issues in a relationship primarily caused 22% of divorces in the United States of
America, while having a third party in a relationship is just a secondary reason. For the
couples who just tied the knot, there are efficient ways to prevent the same dilemma on
finances happen to the both of you.

Four Ways to Manage Properly Your Finances

Inform your significant other about your finances, especially if you have an existing loan or
if you have investments that you need to concentrate on a number of months. Being honest
with your partner enables you to find solutions together on how to settle your loan on time
and how to adjust your budget based on your investments.

On the second note, transparency is the best policy. Never keep secrets to your spouse
especially, if it regards to finances. No one wants to be micromanaged but take it to
consider that keeping large purchases as a secret creates toxicity in a relationship when
your wife finds out the invoice.

Third, follow a system that will help you manage finances properly. A simple system that
can be done verbally or in a written format indicating that there should be a spending limit
to the following items:

  • Clothes
  • Gadgets
  • Shoes
  • Gears

If one of you accidentally forgets to follow the system, one must have a penalty. Paying for
the penalty will remind you to absorb constantly the system within you.
Last but definitely, the most important way to manage your finances is to sit down with
your spouse and talk. Discuss all the purchases you both had within three months, and then

set aside the utility bills. In this way, you will see how much have you spent on luxuries and
if you need to lessen the use of other electric appliance at home.

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