Give Up the Following Habits to Save Money

Do you have lifestyle habits that are costing you a lot? If you want to see how much do you
spend for them every day, week, month, or year, track them down. You will be surprised by
the staggering amount at the end of each period. Your spending habit directly affects your
financial goals.

Here are the habits that you need to give up to achieve your goals:

Shopping when bored or stressed

Shopping is therapeutic according to some people. However, this kind of emotional cure
can be addicting and bring financial stress in the long run, especially if you are using a
credit card. Learn to shop with a list or with a specific purpose to purchase essentials. Find
cheaper alternatives to entertain yourself when are bored.

Buying your favorite coffee every day

If your morning is incomplete without Starbucks coffee, you can quickly compute your
weekly spending on coffee. It also applies to any of your favorite drinks like smoothies. This
delicious yet expensive habit significantly affects your financial status. Instead of buying,
why not invest in purchasing a coffee maker and prepare your own.

Tossing leftovers

It looks like a harmless habit but throwing leftovers in the garbage is like throwing your
money away. To prevent a lot of leftovers, plan your meals. Use the leftover foods and items
inside your fridge to cook new recipes. Repurposing the leftovers will save you money.

Purchasing with credit cards instead of budgeting

Avoid using your credit card for the everyday purchase. Plan your weekly, bi-monthly, or
monthly grocery or shopping for basic things. Use cash as much as possible to avoid paying
the high interest on credit cards.


It is a costly, addictive, and harmful habit. If you smoke one pack a day, you will consume
365 packs a year and that could cost more or less $10,000 yearly. Why not save the
money to have a luxurious vacation or invest it? You also stop the risk of getting lung
cancer and other respiratory illnesses.

Do not try gambling of any kind to avoid addiction. It is the easiest way to lose a big amount
of money.

For sure when you give up these habits, you can save more to attain your financial goals. It
may be a bit difficult at first, but cutting back or eliminating them will benefit your life in

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