How Millennials Save Up for the Future

The 13% of millennials today are money wise, they have learned from the experiences of
the elders they grew up with. Unfortunately, the remaining 87% of them are now
encountering the quarter-life crisis.

If you are wondering how that 13% of the people with the same age bracket as yours can
save up for the future, you may want to try some of the financial strategies they practice.

1. Turning the AC thermostat from 18 to 22

You can cut your energy bill monthly around 3-4% by turning your air-conditioning unit at
home from 18 to 22 or 24. For instance, you have set the AC unit into 25 thermostats, it
usually takes 30 minutes to cool the place rather than setting it to 18, which the
compressor will double work just to provide your desired temperature level.
Setting the AC thermostat to 18 normally takes 1 hour before it can cool down the place,
thereby consuming more electricity.

2. Share your place with a friend.

Living in a studio type condominium or one-bedroom apartment alone is not practical.
Hence, if you want to boost your financial status and save more for the future, share your
place with a friend.
In this case, you can have someone that will help you to pay the bills fairly. You do not have
to shoulder everything independently.

3. Take advantage of coupons.

Always be on the lookout for discounted online courses for web design, web development,
graphic design and online marketing. Taking advantage of these opportunities to add your knowledge and skills will allow you to get more clients for projects while working in a full-
time job.
Adding and improving your skills while working in a 9-5 day job is like hitting two birds in
one stone, you can save a whole lot more. Creating multiple sources of income allows you
to enjoy financial freedom.

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