How To Sell Your Art on Instagram

Social media is now too powerful that it can launch under-the-radar artists into skyrocketing careers. In fact, Vogue dubbed Instagram as the “World’s Most Talked-About New Art Dealer.”

Previously, budding artists have to get the support of the art critics, galleries, and affluent collectors before getting displayed in museums and reach the masses. The process was too long and daunting that many some artists even abandon their dreams. That was before the rise of social media. Nowadays, artists use Instagram as their very own art gallery. They can be both the dealer and the curator of their artwork which the fans are the critics and the collectors. It is now possible for artists to reach a massive audience directly nudging the dealer out of the way.

So how do you sell your art on Instagram?

Be consistently great

Needless to say, your art has to be consistently great for your target audience. You can’t post and art that is half-baked just for the sake of posting. You are making a name for yourself and this means you need to be evidently good at what you do. You can make an art series to show your skill and express something that your followers can relate to.

Set up a profile

There are too many artists on Instagram, but only a handful bothered to make a great profile. You need to make them know that you are a real tangible individual located in the globe. To do this, you have to add your photo, a description of your background, your art, why you do your art, your interests, and your goals. make sure that you upload quality photos. Instagram editing tools are useful to make your images high-quality. Correct the lighting and use crop tools to make your artwork look the way it looks in real life. If you are selling an artwork, make sure that the lighting

Build your following

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Familiarize yourself with hashtags. If you have been on Twitter, you should know that this will help people find related threads you are in. You can also create your own hashtag in a creative way. Use it as a description of your images. These hashtags will become links and people can easily find it through an IG search tool.

There is no maximum number of hashtag which means you can add a tag on your location and medium. If your creations are mainly a paper sculpture art, then use hashtags #paperart, #papersclupture, #paperartnyc, or #nyc.

Tap influencers

Get to know who your target buyers are following and which IG influencers are they usually visiting. These may be art dealers or curators with huge followings. They can also be bloggers or YouTubers. be sure to follow their IG accounts, as some posts and interact with them regularly. This way your target audience will notice that you have the same interests as them.

Have fun with your fans

IG is where the fan can instantly go viral and the most common viral culture is a series of challenges. Ask your fans to challenge you just like how Brady Black did it. Brady asked fans to posts images and tag him. He will then draw over it with his iPad before reposting it.

There is no secret sauce to successfully selling art in IG but being creative with it surely takes you a long way.

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